All Christian entrepreneurs will need capital at various times in their startup’s journey. Capital allows a venture to develop their first MVP, perfect product/market fit and/or to scale nationally or worldwide. Depending on what stage of development or revenue generation you’re at you will need:

  • Pre-Seed Capital
  • Seed Capital
  • Series A Round

A pre-Seed funding round is for early stage product development of a minimum viable product (MVP). Seed rounds are typically regarded as the first type of fundraising round available to founders. A typical pre-seed round sees a founding team (often pre-product) receive an investment to hit one or more of the milestones they’ll need to ready themselves for “true” seed investment: from hiring a critical team member to developing a prototype/MVP product. Led by many of the same investors that lead seed rounds, pre-seed financing is often used to bridge the gap to the next round. As of 2019 the amount of money can be between US$100K to US$1M but more typically between US$250K to US$750K as the business is still in the idea or conceptual stage.


Startups at this level have typically validated their value proposition. Capital from a seed round often fuels a startup’s move beyond its founding team, funds product development, and in some cases, even facilitates early revenue generation. Wrapped-up within seed investment are expectations that strong signs of Product/Market Fit and some degree of traction (in the form of a growing wait list, or month-on-month revenue growth) will begin to emerge, paving the way for later fundraising.

Series A

Revenue growth is the name of the game in Series A. By this point, a startup is expected to have clear and growing evidence of Product/Market Fit, translating into significant revenue growth from new customers and increasing ARPA (Average Revenue per Account). It’s also here that SaaS marketing and sales become more important. Until this point, growth has often been driven by a single (and not always scalable) channel. To keep growing at a rapid rate, it’s necessary to develop new sales and marketing processes, identify new channels, and get to grips with your ideal customer.

This round is to scale a product/market fit, begin R&D on new products, hire key HR positions, acquire strategic IP, upgrade marketing campaigns and/or expand into new national and international markets.

How Christian Web Design Helps You Procure Investment

CWD helps Christian entrepreneurs and startups procure investment through our Christian Investor Services.

Christian Web Design can be hired to help you procure pre-seed, seed or Series A capital. We work with Christian entrepreneurs in:

  • Praying for God’s Guidance and Favor over Your Leadership and Venture
  • Developing Your Pitch Deck
  • Developing a Chronological Path to Investment
  • Preparing for Investor Meetings
  • Conducting Discovery Process and Pitch Meetings with Investors
  • Presenting Venture Market Data, Business Model Strengths and Overview of Probability of Success to Investors
  • Introducing You to our Christian Investor Contacts
How Do I Retain CWD’s Christian Investor Services?

Christian Web Design signs a standard services contract with all our clients with a retainer for said services. All services provided and development timelines are clearly stipulated in our services contract with both parties responsibilities clearly defined.

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