Christian Web Design counsels our clients how to attract pre-seed and VC investment for their ventures and positions them to do so through our pitch deck development and investor meeting services.

CWD assists Christian entrepreneurs, business owners and ministries to present their venture professionally to investors and search comprehensively for market data that justifies said investment.

After a successful ‘elevator pitch’ in person or by phone your pitch deck will either instantly make or break your potential investment opportunity.

Most entrepreneurs do not understand that a seasoned investor will want to see their pitch deck upon being contacted about their investment opportunity. If the investor asks, “Do you have a pitch deck?” and then an entrepreneur says, “What is a pitch deck?” they will lose the opportunity to get that seed investor on board as the investor will realize that the entrepreneur in question does not understand how to attract a seed investor. Or if an entrepreneur says, “It’s not finished” in all probability they will lose the chance to get a meeting with that investor because they are not prepared to execute at the moment of opportunity. If an entrepreneur says ‘yes’ then sends them their pitch deck but it is not properly formatted with the requisite slides an investor or VC expects to see, they will hit the delete button and any possible seed investment opportunity will literally be lost within seconds.

A seasoned seed or venture capital investor wants to see a prepared mind and leadership team that is ready to hit the ground running. Nothing less will do.

Christian Web Design uses an accepted pitch deck format used by Silicon Valley venture capital firm Sequoia Capital. CWD has developed pitch decks for several Christian entrepreneurs to date including raising for one Christian-led venture and leadership team US$285,000 in initial seed investment.

Take advantage of CWD’s experience and pitch deck services to procure the requisite startup seed capital required for your venture so you can execute the development phase.

Schedule a 1Hr web consultation to discuss your venture, business or ministry and pitch deck needs by clicking on the green button in the bottom right hand corner of your device screen.

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