What is a Discovery Meeting?

What is a Discovery Meeting? 🤔

A majority of Christian entrepreneurs come to us with development needs at various stages of their venture. Once we go through an initial and subsequent Discovery meetings we are better informed as to the development solutions and roadmap we'll take on any client venture.

When you start a new project, a discovery meeting is the first meeting of importance you execute. A Discovery meetings involves a meeting between the project team and client to understand the client’s business, its goals, strategy, operational processes and more. This is the act of gathering key project information so you can gain a high-level understanding of the project. In most cases, this is done by getting detailed answers to specific questions, and follow-up questions, in any number of areas of operations.

Discovery Meeting via Google Meet 🖥

After scheduling your 1Hr Discovery Meeting, you will be able to connect with us via videoconference to discuss the merits of your venture and business model via Google Calendar regardless of your global location (when you schedule use your Gmail or G Suite/Google Workspace email address only). You will receive instructions via your Google Calendar invite email which will provide you a URL link to click on and connect with us (please download the Google Calendar app to your cell phone before scheduling). Our initial meeting will be one hour and you will have the chance to let us know who you are, pertinent details about your venture as well as your team, etc. You must be punctual and ready to go at the scheduled time and date you’ve selected. Please respect CWD’s time and schedule as we will respect yours.

Ready to schedule your Discovery Meeting? 🗓