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Christian Shopping, Simplified.

Shopping for The Joshua Generation™ 🛒


ARK™ 🛍️ is The New Faith Driven Marketplace™, retail tech platform and global ecosystem for 2.4 billion Christian consumers worldwide. 🌎


Redefining the Faith Driven
shopping experience worldwide. 🌎

Consolidating the underserved global Christian retail market for 408 million Faith Driven Consumers plus another 2 billion Christian shoppers worldwide, while offering three main channels of consumer goods: Christian, mainstream, food & drink.

Registered Faith Driven retailers and sellers traction pre-launch worldwide. 😇

Marketplace Listings Day One

Changing the way Faith Driven Consumers shop. 🛍️

The consumer-centric business model, combined with a Faith Driven product/market-fit, is a game-changer.

Faith-Compatible Retailers

ARK™ offers Faith Driven consumers a God-honoring marketplace.

Incentivized Seller Fees

ARK™ offers Faith Driven retailers the lowest monthly fee worldwide.

2-Day Shipping

ARK™ retailers and sellers offer 2-day shipping in the US, UK & other countries.

ARK - The Faith Driven Marketplace

Christian shopping just got a huge upgrade. 🥳

ARK™ consumer-focused engagement platform and mobile apps offer strategic retail and product placement opportunities providing Faith Driven Consumers with unique Christian products, gifts, content, iCoupons and blessed savings from anointed sellers in an accelerating and emerging global Christian retail market.

“I would love more info on how to become a seller. What a great platform!”
Noelle H.
Honeycomb Proverbs - US 🇺🇸
“How do we set up a store with you please? This is so exciting we cannot wait to get started!!”
Clare O.
Praise & Bloom - UK 🇬🇧
“Thank you so much...! I have already signed up for the soft-launch. So excited for this!”
Yuhuang W.
Agapi Apparel - China 🇨🇳

Changing the way Faith Driven Retailers sell. 📈

A digital shopping experience designed to strategically consolidate the US$15B Christian retail market connecting Faith Driven sellers, retailers and brands to 408 million Faith Driven US and global consumers, and an additional 2 billion Christian shoppers in 194 more countries worldwide!



ARK™ 🛍️