A majority of Christian entrepreneurs come to us with development needs at various stages of their venture. Once we go through the Discovery process we are better informed as to the development solutions and roadmap we’ll take on any client venture.

So What is the Discovery Process?

When you start a new project, the discovery session is the first meeting of importance you execute. The Discovery Meeting involves a meeting between the project team and client to understand the client’s business, its goals, strategy, the operational process and more. This is the act of gathering key project information so you can gain a high-level understanding of the project. In most cases, this is done by getting detailed answers to specific questions in any number of areas of operations.

Usually, the discovery process occurs after a contract is signed. But some software development agencies are proposing it as a paid project prior to a formal proposal or retainer relationship. This is a commitment for clients who hesitate to sign a six-month development contract, and it’s a good way to build trustful relationships with the client before sharing the inner knowledge.

Discovery Process for Investors

Christian Web Design also works with Christian entrepreneurs who are raising a pre-seed investment round for development for their ventures.

Like our Discovery Meetings with clients about their ventures, we vet properly investors and those who act in the capacity of liaisons to investment. CWD ascertains the ability of investors, and liaisons to investors, the actuality to properly invest in a Christian entrepreneur’s venture. This includes determining accredited or non-accredited investor status, potentially requesting a proof of funds (POF) notarized document and verifying ability to invest within 15 days or less which allows for immediate, proper and full development of any Christian-led venture.

If you’re ready to discuss your venture and begin your Discovery Process please schedule a 1Hr Web Consultation by clicking the green button in the bottom-right corner of your device screen.

Sources: Christian Web Design & Iren Korkishko